Gay friendly wedding DJ

//Gay friendly wedding DJ

Gay friendly wedding DJ

Gay-friendly wedding DJ service:

In order to book a Gay-friendly wedding DJ Service in Auckland… drop me an email!

I was so glad that on 19 August 2013 same-sex marriage came into force in New Zealand. Love is love, It does not matter who you love and who you are. As far as I have experience of gay-friendly and same-sex weddings in Auckland this experience is helpful in bringing couples together. However, I know that many same-sex couples do not want to just “fit into a typical wedding format” that doesn’t work for them. Let me help make memories with my music and make your day special to fit your needs!

So have you just got engaged to the love of your life and are excited. I guess it’s time to start planning, but how do we find gay-friendly wedding DJ?

The best way to find good DJ that is considerate of your needs is by word of mouth—ask recently married gay couples for recommendations and references. Once you find your preferred DJ, ask him or her to suggest others. The bottom line is that you’ve got to like the DJ.

How do you know if the DJ is Gay-friendly?

It’s a known fact that same-sex couples are going to find it a little more challenging to find the right DJ. Ask the DJ upfront if he or she has any issues playing for a same-sex couple. Check if they have played for a similar type of weddings and have the appropriate playlist suitable for your friends.

I’m always ready to attempt to accommodate any service requests for my customers, no matter how big or small your wedding is. Currently, I offer my gay-friendly services at affordable prices here are some of my packages with add-on services.

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