It’s your turn to give your wedding speech

This will be the first time that your invited guests will get to hear what you have to say. This should not mean that you also hear the speech for the first time too. So here are six easy steps to help you prepare and deliver your speech with out a hitch.

  • You need to read your speech loudly:

    Assuming that you have put a lot of thought into writing this speech, and probably have read it in your mind a hundred times and sounds good in your head. The only way you are going to find out how well your speech sounds is if you read it out loud.

  • Testing your stories with friends:

    I would probably not recommend swapping stories with friends, as there is a fair chance that they may not invited for the wedding party. The atmosphere will be completely different to the wedding party reception, but you will get to learn what parts of the story will work.

  • Consider making a recording:

    You should have the ability to recite your full speech and record it on a recording device. Once this is done use the recording to listen to how the speech flows, pay attention to the flow of the speech. Listen for clear enunciation, and how quickly you are saying your words. If you have not done this before you will notice that you speak too quickly – A good rule of thumb is to say approximately one hundred words per minute, this is about 25-50% slower than normal speaking.

  • A good idea to video yourself:

    I hate watching myself on video, but trust me it can help you with identifying the way you stand, body language and any awkward hand gestures. Because this is just your video rehearsal it is not going to be powerful when you are presenting it in front of a live audience of family and friends.

    As you are conducting listening to your speech, make notes, alter your speech, and re-record again. Given that you will be recording the speech again and again it will help you to memorise your speech. If you can record it on your phone use it to listen when you are to and from work, doing the grocery shopping etc…